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Race Towards Higher Yield

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Multi-Act believes that comparison of returns is meaningful only on a risk-adjusted basis. Since quantifying risk is extremely complex, market participants resort to loose generalizations in their perception of risk, viz. Mutual Funds that invest in Debt Instruments are safe. Financial intermediaries that are evaluated solely based on returns while overlooking the associated risks face an incentive to buy assets complying with a generally accepted benchmark but could be risky on core fundamental parameters.  Read More


Post-Election: Insiders Vote Out

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India’s corporate sector and its leaders were very impressed as the current government took reigns at the centre on the back of reforms it had set out to achieve. However, a review of the current scenario suggests that things haven’t changed much on the ground. Essentially, the rise in share prices of a majority of companies in the last year have been driven more by valuation re-rating than actual improvement in earnings. Likewise, there is an interesting set of data that is emerging in terms of the shareholding pattern across companies. Read More

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