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We at Multi-Act, are staunch advocates of the Austrian Economic approach- with a free market and minimal state intervention- a complete contrast to the Keynesian School of Economics


Sensex Market Outlook 2019

We apply our GRAF framework to SENSEX Index to showcase how an Investor could objectively evaluate reward vs risk in the broader market and thus take a more informed asset allocation decision.


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A definitive guide to Quantitative strategies that work


Founded in 1997, Multi-Act is led by Prashant K Trivedi, 54, a CFA charter holder, who is also CIO of his family’s office. It employs over 50 people across 2 offices in Mumbai and Pune. The team comprises mainly CAs (the equivalent of CPAs in USA), statisticians and economists.

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“I believe that the major problem hindering families from realizing their Financial Goals is the inherent clash between the structure of the financial services industry, the behavioural biases (of clients and agents), juxtaposed against the actions of Central Banks.”

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Praxeology – The Multi-Act Equity Research Blog

Central Banks, Moral Hazard and the Prospect for Global Markets

Central Banks across the world have frequently used quantitative easing (QE) as a means to introduce greater liquidity into the economy. However, QE has raised the risk of moral hazard: investors will take greater risks, knowing that the potential costs will be borne, in whole or in part, by others. Moreover, QE has increased asset prices, which in turn has severely affected the ‘prospective return’ on all assets.

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Does PE Ratio Tell Us Anything About Value?

The Price to Earnings or PE ratio is a widely used valuation ratio. You would quite often hear people saying for instance, that ABC stock is cheap because it is…

Systematic Assessment of Quality of Earnings

While analyzing a company, a systematic approach to assess the Quality of Earnings is one of the important processes we follow to identify risks and minimize the chances of facing…

Recent Capital Allocation Decisions by an Indian Steel Major – An Analysis | Multi-Act

One of India’s largest steelmakers recently acquired the assets of a competitor, an insolvent domestic steelmaker under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code proceedings (“IBC company”). The acquisition comes at a time…

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