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About Research

Our Research offering is a core financial research service for investment managers globally. The service is split into two key components — Independent Research and Investment Decision Support —  and aims to provide ~75% of the analytics required for decision making. Our service uses advanced research practices and is steeped in an objective, systematic and process driven approach to navigating financial markets. Multi-Act’s offering has been tried and tested for over a decade and continues to support some of the leading asset management companies in India.

Key Differentiators

  • Independent Equity Research
  • Investment Decision Support
  • Mandate Agnostic
  • Minimal Behavioral Biases
  • Large Resource Pool
  • Fixed Fee Income
“We have no control over outcomes, but we can control the process. Of course, outcomes matter, but by focusing our attention on process, we maximise our chances of good outcomes.”
Michael Mauboussin

Investment Approach

Global Rational Analysis Framework (GRAF)

Our GRAF approach to investing is adapted from the technique of ‘Rational Analysis’ developed by the John Bollinger (source: CFA Magazine Article, 2005). The framework is designed to: 1. Enable the objective analysis of companies, 2. Enable structured investment decision making and 3. Limit inherent behavioural biases. Combining the four analytical methods below effectively is the essence of our investment approach.

Uses appropriate valuation tools to arrive at an expected business valuation for the stock

Uses stock price patterns in an attempt to harness tailwinds in market momentum and avoid headwinds. This is an essential timing tool, and helps us determine strategic entry and exit points before we invest

It involves use of statistical tools for assessing trends in certain asset classes (esp. commodities)

We recognize the human element in the investment world, to avoid falling prey to emotional decisions like market greed and fear

Scope of Services

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Independent Company Research

Active company coverage of over 300 companies. Deliverables can include Quality of Earnings reports, Corporate Governance Analysis and Objective long-term commentary amongst others.

Decision Making Support

A decision-making structure that brings fundamental, technical, quantitative, and behavioural indicators together. Deliverables can include Client Calls, Macro Reports and Advisory charts amongst others.

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Portfolio Level Analytics

In depth portfolio analytics and diagnostics. Deliverables include Analytics and Diagnostic reports, Moat Analysis and Valuation Ranges amongst others.

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Analyst Access

Access to more than 30 full-time in-house analysts providing an ability to increase passive and active coverage of the global financial market.

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Bespoke Services

Research clients can make bespoke requests such as an in-depth analysis of a company that is not under general coverage as well as on-call guidance on valuation and portfolio weightages

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Investment Decision Support

A decision making structure that brings fundamental, technical, quantitative and behavioural indicators together. Focuses on portfolio construction and risk-adjusted returns.

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