Who We Are

Solving Family Office Investment Challenges since 25 years.

Multi-Act is a differentiated fiduciary group that creates investment solutions and programs for multi-generational wealth owners and institutional managers. Their current set of clients include institutional investors, family offices, high net worth individuals and wealth managers in India and elsewhere.

Multi-Act helps their clients meet their investment objectives through different investment strategies and asset allocation models across markets. To achieve this, Multi-Act focuses on addressing the major challenges faced by investors while attempting to preserve and grow their wealth:

  • The pressure to invest perpetual wealth: Multi-Act designs bespoke investment plans and long-term allocation strategies for their clients’ that avoid the common behavioural pitfalls and trap of overcommitting assets in a late cycle.
  • To prevent permanent loss of capital: The core investment portfolios (devised as carve outs) by Multi-Act focus on quality and endeavour to provide a margin of safety. This safeguards their clients’ portfolio against permanent loss of capital.

  •  To allocate across assets and geographies: Multi Act encourages Indian investors to reduce home country bias and to diversify into truly Global and in multi-asset portfolios. This includes, but is not limited to equities, fixed income, bullion and commodities producers. 
  • An overload of investment ideas: The research team at Multi-Act provides customised analysis of each investment idea that lands on the investors’ desk with a conclusive view that highlights hidden risks based on all available information.

  •  To improve alpha of investments : Over a full investment cycle, Multi Act aims to deliver 200-250 basis point alpha over benchmarks to advisory clients’ including by reducing costs, and by finding avenues that improve return on investment.
  • To avoid conflicted interests of advisors: Services provided by Multi-Act are based on a fixed percentage fee model irrespective of the Assets under Advice (AuA) and they do not receive any consideration by way of commission / referral fees thereby avoiding any conflict of interests with the Clients interests. 

Over the last 25 years, Multi-Act has developed a proprietary Global Rational Analysis Framework (GRAF) to successfully overcome these challenges. GRAF comprises of a whole range of fundamental, quantitative, technical, and behavioural tools. These tools allow Multi-Act to achieve their clients’ investment goals by ensuring its proprietary investment interests are aligned with their clients. 

Till date, Multi-Act’s journey towards investment excellence has had satisfactory outcomes in the form of:

• providing unbiased research and advisory services to institutional clients,

• providing consistent and attractive ‘risk adjusted returns’ to PMS clients, and

• providing navigational help to family offices or UHNWI’s for achieving their investment objectives.

 About Multi-Act

Multi-Act was founded in 1997 by two Wharton graduates, with an aim to develop unbiased and independent Equity Research with a clear emphasis on quality, and margin of safety for their own investments. After successfully managing proprietary investments for 12 years, a select few families approached Multi-Act to manage funds for them. Consequently, in 2009 Multi-Act ventured to provide equity advisory services to other investors. Even today, well over 50% of the assets under advice and management belong to Multi-Act’s shareholders. In addition, Multi-Act also offers a range of Global Investment and Private Equity solutions through partner companies, Multi-Act EquiGlobe and Multi-Act Private Equity Investment Trust respectively. 

Multi-Act has now evolved to deliver unbiased, bespoke Research and Investment to owners of multi-generational wealth, business families, hedge funds, investment managers, and wealth managers around the globe. 


Multi-Act is licensed by SEBI to offer Portfolio Management Services (Registration number INP000002965) as well as Investment Advisory (IA) services (Registration number INP000008589).

Our Timeline


Multi-Act is born as an Investment Research arm to a single family office


Multi-Act evolves into a boutique Institutional Research and Advisory firm


Multi-Act introduces Portfolio Management Services for qualified investors


Multi-Act EquiGlobe Ltd. a global investment solutions provider is founded


Multi-Act starts a Private Equity fund with a FinTech focused fund


Global Moats Investment a Fund for US Investors

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