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Using our robust equity research platform, the Global Rational Analysis Framework (GRAF), we have designed the following customized tools and solutions which act as a support system for Wealth Advisors/IFAs to provide advice on their client’s investment portfolios and grow their business. They can also be used by individual investors for their own portfolios.

Whilst looking at past performance indicators for Mutual Fund research is important, one also needs a structured, insightful approach for assessing an Equity Mutual Fund portfolio to see if it is in a position to meet the investment objective.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Analytics (MFPA):

  • Assesses the quality of the businesses in the portfolio
  • Looks at the reward-to-potential risk ratio that is inherent in the stocks in the portfolio
  • Delves into the momentum, both earnings as well as technical
  • Compares the relative risks, pros and cons of one MF portfolio against another as well as compared to benchmarks

Our Mutual Fund Portfolio Analytics is a service developed to fill any gaps in equity MF assessment, using our unique equity research and analytical capabilities.

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Our Client – Portfolio Diagnostic Reports (C-PDR) provide you with a landscape view of your stock holdings. They can be used to understand the ‘health’ of your portfolio and to identify areas that might need attention in order to ensure prudent growth and capital preservation.

The C-PDR gives you:

  • The ‘quality’ of the investments in the portfolio.
  • The presence and percentage of sustainable competitive advantages.
  • The spots of over and under valuation.
  • The technical and earnings momentum of the portfolio.

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Our India focused monthly Macro and Market Indicators report keep an eye on the major economic trends and broader market valuations. With the help of proprietary tools and indices for indicating market valuations and sentiments, it acts as a useful tool for making allocation decisions.

It allows you to:

  • Monitor key macro indicators and market sentiment
  • Monitor general market valuations/trends
  • Identify pockets of opportunities

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Given my background, I do have a fair understanding of stocks. I was absolutely thrilled to see the Multi-Act’s Portfolio Diagnostic Report (PDR) of my equity portfolio. It added a new facet to my understanding.

Dr. Shashank Desai(B.Com, L.L.B. F.C.A. Ph.D.) – Desai Saksena & Associates

We have been in the mutual funds advisory business for decades now and have subscribed to the equity mutual funds portfolio diagnostics of Multi-Act.
It is very fascinating! First time in India, and maybe even globally. Not seen anything similar from any of the other providers, and that maybe due to 18 long years of unique equity research capabilities that Multi-Act has developed and the large team of 25 plus analysts it has.

Mukesh DedhiaC.A, CFPCM, FRM (From GARP, USA), 2 Levels of CFA (USA); Faculty at Management Schools

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