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Being a Family office Multi-Act’s Investment Philosophy has been designed to help families address the major issues that they face while preserving and growing their wealth. We believe the major issues are:

  • Structuring the portfolio in the current challenging and adverse macro environment
  • Investment strategies are devised focusing on untenable high short term performance as against long term investment goals and objectives
  • Relationships with fiduciaries today are rare indeed and instead families are more likely to be dealing with agents where “caveat emptor” is more likely to be the guiding principle.
  • Multi-Act has now adopted Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) and Compliance by the CFA Institute. To know more download the GIP’s Compliance Report given below.

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Our Offerings

Based on the investing Capability we offer two types of Portfolios

Moat and Special Situations Portfolio

Moat & Special Situation Portfolio (MSSP) was launched with an objective to generate capital appreciation by investing in companies that in the opinion of the portfolio manager, are of high quality, are Moats or Limited Moat businesses, trading at fair value or a discount to fair value, OR are non-moat businesses trading at a “deep” discount to fair value as Special Situations. Investing in such businesses at discount/deep discount to fair value provides a margin of safety to the investor.

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All Seasons Portfolio

Objective of All Season Portfolio is to protect the purchasing power of the portfolio and grow the same under any macroeconomic environment which is achieved through allocating of capital amongst the highest quality Equity, Debt (sovereign backed utility companies) and Cash (Gold and high quality equities of natural resource extraction companies).

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Our Investment Approach – The GRAF Way

Fundamental Analysis

Uses appropriate valuation tools to arrive at an expected business valuation for the stock.

Technical Analysis

Uses stock price patterns in an attempt to harness tailwinds in market momentum and avoid headwinds. This is an essential timing tool, and helps us determine strategic entry and exit points before we invest.

Quantitative Analysis

It involves use of statistical tools for assessing trends in certain asset classes (esp. commodities).

Behavioral Analysis

We recognize the human element in the investment world, to avoid falling prey to emotional decisions like market greed and fear.

Our Performance

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