All Seasons Portfolio


The Investment Objective of All Seasons Portfolio (ASP) is to mitigate the various risks facing a portfolio including price inflation, price deflation, credit inflation, credit deflation, and more recently a global or emerging market contagion that could stem from a reversal of the global “carry trade”.

ASP has been designed with the ability to maintain the purchasing power of a portfolio through any economic and investment environment with minimal drawdowns and no “permanent loss” of capital at the portfolio level. At the same time we endeavor to grow the corpus at reasonable inflation-adjusted growth rates, over the long-term.

Investment strategy

Like a Cockroach Portfolio where focus is on protecting purchasing power of your portfolio across market cycles. Suitable for an investor with long term approach and strong focus on capital preservation.


Average of NIFTY, Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index and MCX spot Gold.

Minimum Ticket Size

INR 10 Crore

The Investment Strategy of ASP is focused towards allocating the corpus to assets that represent claims on real assets (gold/commodity equities/ high quality growth stocks) and assets that represent claims on financial assets (fixed income/cash/stocks) that often behave counter cyclically during different economic environments.

The portfolio will be constructed by following a simple asset allocation strategy:

i) 1/3rd High Quality Equities,

ii) 1/3rd Cash, Gold related securities (&the equities of natural resource extraction companies), and

iii) 1/3rd in Fixed Income & equivalents (including the equities of regulated utility companies as a proxy for fixed income securities).

Here’s what our clients have to say about our PMS services

In the last 2 years, Jinal Sheth & Rohan Samant, who manage our Equity Portfolio, have adopted a disciplined approach to investing in equity. They’ve built a vast data bank & created a refined process to throw up valuation bands for companies. We believe in Multi-Act’s investment philosophy. They have an excellent research team that closely tracks a universe of companies & invests in high-quality businesses with a good track record. We are extremely happy working with them & have no reservations in recommending them to anyone who needs help with preserving their valuable capital and getting adequate risk-adjusted returns.

Vinod Shah
Promoter, Chanakya International- A leading international fashion house


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