Macro and Market Indicators

Macro issues can neither dictate stock selection nor can they be ignored.

Our India focused monthly macro and market indicators keep an eye on major economic trends and broader market valuations. These indicators help track major market risks and include our ‘proprietary indicators’ that aid in assessing general market valuation and its “mood”.

Multi-Act’s Macro Reports help you:

  • Monitor key macro indicators and market sentiment
  • Monitor general market valuations/trends
  • Identify pockets of opportunities
  • Form a top-down view and aid with asset allocation decisions

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Sample Analysis 1 NIFTY Trend and Valuation
Chart 1: Nifty Trend line based on regression analysis.
Chart 2: Nifty Valuation based on Global Rational Analysis Framework (GRAF)

EBV: Estimated Business Value Range


  • NIFTY continues to trade close to its trend line.
  • NIFTY is now moving towards higher end of its valuation range as per Multi-Act’s approach.
  • Observations are inline with the current market optimism and lack of robust earnings momentum.
Sample Analysis 2- Sentiment Index
Risk Premium graph


  • Regulated Utility (RU) Index is now at its -1SD levels.
  • Overall Risk Premium indicates prevailing market optimism.



Mr. Prashant Trivedi has been a leading light for us in the uncertain world of the financial markets. His crystal clear thinking, rational approach, thorough research based on hard data and deep understanding, judgment and experience in navigating through different cycles makes him a role model for anyone pursuing value investing. Harmony and alignment of interest with clients is another hallmark of Multi Act.

Bharat PathakPromoter & Director, Wealth Managers

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