Want to know more about the health of your (or your client’s) Equity Portfolio?

Portfolio Diagnostic Report (PDR)

Get an Independent, Unbiased Assessment of Your Portfolio

Get Detailed Analysis on Significant Portfolio Attributes

Quality of the Portfolio


Portfolio Valuation


Detailed Sub-Sector Classification


Exposure vs. Major Indices


What does the Portfolio Diagnostic Report cover?
A PDR can help in answering the following essential questions in an intuitive and easy-to-comprehend manner:
  • What is the ‘Quality’ of the portfolio?
  • What % of the portfolio is invested on strong businesses with sustainable competitive advantages?
  • Do you want to know spots of over valuation, reasonable valuation and under valuation?
  • Do you want to know how much of the portfolio has strong technical and earnings momentum?
Besides these analytics, a PDR also gives some generic factual information about the equity portfolio like sector exposure, market-cap exposure, sector valuations, etc. along with the comparison with broader markets, if required.
Logic says, when you plan to ‘reach or go’ somewhere, the first question which should be answered is:

‘Where you currently are?’

In investment parlance, it is essential to know your current portfolio is positioned.


Only after knowing where you are, you can assess where and how you want to reach.


Essentially, one needs to diagnose his/her current portfolio and then take the required steps.


How it is useful?

Portfolio Diagnostic Report enables an investor to understand the nature and landscape of his/her equity portfolio with respect to quality of companies, valuation, reward vs. risk, technical and other momentum indicators.
To enumerate further, a PDR can be used to assess
  • Can your portfolio deliver what you thought it would deliver?
  • Is your portfolio adequately positioned to generate reasonable returns and protect against risks?
  • Are there any major areas of concerns in your portfolio that require special attention?
  • Does your portfolio require professional advice?

For whom it is useful?

Investors with meaningful equity exposure.
Wealth Advisors/IFAs looking to engage with their clients on their equity portfolios.