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U.S. Regulated Utilities: Non-Cyclical or Cyclical?

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As some of the best-performing stocks, many consider U.S. Utilities stocks a safe haven paying steady dividends with moderate risk. Assured return close to 11% shows why investors are attracted to this sector making them a bright choice in bear and bull markets. However, there is a caveat: Whenever rates rise, the value of these may drop. With the Central Bank’s repressive rate policy, we believe investors should show caution when making investments in U.S. Utilities equities.

This article discusses how U.S. interest rates seem to have given rise to a cyclical trend within the Utilities sector. Read what has been driving the sector’s current valuation growth.  
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Numerical Analysis: Gold Vs Sensex

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Which investment is better, gold or equity? This is an eternal debate since the time stocks were being sold informally under shades of trees. The question has not lost its relevance even today, when market experts advance the case of equity investments especially where the results seem impressive. Let us first understand the characteristics of the two “players” – gold and equities. Read More


Stan Druckenmiller’s “Horrific Sense” Of Deja Vu: “I Know It’s Tempting To Invest, But This Will End Very Badly”

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Multi-Act shares a very similar point of view as expressed by Stan Drukenmiller in this interview with Zero Hedge. Investors indeed do need to be cautious about several factors stated by him in this discussion including the role of Central Bank policies on liquidity that tend to have a very strong effect on the markets. Read More

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