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EBV Clusters and Their Usage – One Size Does Not Fit All

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“Intrinsic value equals the present value of future free cash flow. Because the future is unknowable, you might think of intrinsic value as a range. Indeed, prices are often in that range―Mr. Market is getting things mostly right. But there are times when Mr. Market becomes manic and names a very high buy-sell price, and other times when he’s depressed and names a low price”.
– Michael Mauboussin and Dan Callahan, Animating Mr. Market.

There’s more to valuation than just going by Mr. Market’s moods.

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Fiat Currency Collapse

Fiat Currency Collapse: Is History Repeating Itself?- Infographic

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This infographic traces the origin of the money system depicting early coins that were used in various eras ultimately leading to the introduction of paper money, known as “fiat” currency. Fiat currency, though declared by a government to be legal tender is not backed by a valuable commodity. Because of this very fact, fiat currency has repeatedly collapsed down through the ages. Are we headed for another collapse? If so, do you know how to invest in a fiat currency environment? This infographic takes you through the journey.

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Fiat Currency Collapse

Evolution of Money & Drawbacks of the Fiat Currency System

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“Will you lend me your mare to ride a mile?

No, she is lame leaping over a stile.

Alack! And I must go to the fair!

I’ll give you good money for lending your mare.

– Oh, oh! Say you so?

Money will make the mare to go.”

The old nursery rhyme still holds true today. Money still makes the mare go. The story of money goes even further back. In fact, the tradition of money goes back around 3000 years, before which a barter system was probably used.

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