Given my background, I do have a fair understanding of stocks. I was absolutely thrilled to see the Multi-Act’s Portfolio Diagnostic Report (PDR) of my equity portfolio. It added a new facet to my understanding. This report provided very unique inputs on the quality of business, valuation basis, share price movement indicators inherent in my portfolio, in a very scientific and intuitive manner. It provided me with clarity and confidence on how to take my portfolio forward. I think their PDR is a very unique innovation in the market and of can be of great service to investors with equity portfolios. I also got clear on which part I should handle myself and which part to give to professionals to manage.

I think besides any tool or innovation, it is people behind it that matter. On interacting with the personnel at Multi-Act, I cannot but help admire their, honesty, transparency, passion & competency. I wish Multi-Act all the best.

Dr. Shashank Desai

Dr. Shashank Desai

(B.Com, L.L.B. F.C.A. Ph.D)– Desai Saksena & Associates

Harish Prabhu
An Eminent International Banker,FinTech Professional, Investor/Investment Advisor.

We have been working with Multi Act for the past 2 years. The firm has been taking care of our Equity Portfolio. Jinal Sheth & Rohan Samant who are closely involved in managing our portfolio have adopted a very disciplined approach to investing in equity which has in the recent past seen very volatile movements. They have built a vast data bank of companies and have created a refined process to throw up valuation bands for companies. The philosophy primarily focuses on capital preservation and aims at generating returns gradually, which is a better strategy than emphasizing solely on benchmark returns.Multi Act has an excellent in-house research team which closely tracks a universe of companies and invests in high quality businesses that have a good track record. We are extremely happy working with them and have no reservations in recommending them to anyone who is looking for a Portfolio Manager who can help them preserve their valuable capital and generate adequate risk adjusted returns.

Vinod Shah

Promoter, Chanakya International- A leading international fashion house

After having spent considerable years in the Equities Research industry, my association with Multi-Act (MA) has been the most satisfying one. Equity Research should be done by the “buy’ side. The firm doing the Research should have no conflict of interest. No broking, no selling, no investment banking. MA evolved from being an in-house research for a family office to one providing Research and Advisory services for the demanding investment manager.

The MA approach, is certainly the most comprehensive analysis I have known or come across. MA Analysts are specialists at extracting stories out of the annual accounts. Each analyst is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Balance Sheet reading is an art as well as a science. MA, with its rigor and experience stretching back to nearly two decades of analysing of Indian and global companies has honed the science to near perfection. Nothing is random or subjective. Every conclusion is backed by numbers that tell us the stories. Prashant Trivedi, the pilot at MA is an inspiration for anyone who desires to be an analyst. Distilling his experience spanning across the global investment arena, he guides and challenges the analysts to extract the truth out of the balance sheets. MA, to my knowledge is the most complete equity research house, focused on value. Using every available tool to arrive at an investment decision is the philosophy that Prashant has inculcated in to the team.

If there is any ONE external analysis that I would trust, it would be MA research. And I will not bother about the name of the analyst. The research methodology and systems drive the research at MA. The best testimony to this research is that Prashant uses this research to drive the family investments.

R Balakrishnan

R Balakrishnan

Independent Consultant, 30 yrs in financial markets. Amongst others – Founding Team Member (Crisil), Head of Research (DSP-ML), CEO and CIO (First India Mutual Fund –acquired by Sahara subsequently)

My association with Multi-Act is about 5 years old. After being introduced to Multi-Act, I met up with Prashant and felt a strong intellectual and personal connect. Prior to this, my experience with wealth managers was very poor and most of them were lacking in fundamental knowledge of financial markets. With Prashant I felt that here was a professional who knew his work and had a “Warren Buffet” like system of investing…. albeit with a difference in terms of applying it on a relatively shorter time frame and also with third party funds besides his own.

His four frames of reference for investing in equity markets were particularly impressive.

  • Quality Matrix – Transparency of financial statements, capital allocation strategy, consistent results, great ROE, liquidity etc.
  • Business Model – Whether there is a partial moat or a moat to the business model preventing easy commoditization.
  • Valuations Bands – Upper and lower bands to give adding or trimming signals.
  • Momentum and Directional Play – To indicate direction of the market, market deviation from long term mean, charting etc.

I’ve used my interactions with Prashant and Multi-Act to significantly augment my financial intelligence. Multi-Act is a rarity in the financial world. A combination of integrity and competence!

Taizoon Khorakiwala

Taizoon Khorakiwala

Entrepreneur, Social Capitalist

Our association with Multi-Act goes a long way back from mid 2000s onwards. As a user of Multi-Act’s equity research services focusing on quality of earnings with forensic approach, we have benefitted from their support and high quality work. Their research/screens act as a valuable and independent cross check on the companies under our investment consideration. The detailed and objective analysis of intrinsic value, accounting issues and balance sheet analysis is based on several years of accumulated experience within the Multi-Act team. It would be difficult for us to either replicate or find alternative service providers with the same quality of highly trained associates, process knowledge and commitment to customer service.

Look forward to continue this symbiotic relationship and work closely with Multi-Act team.

Rajesh Ranganathan

Rajesh Ranganathan

Director, Doric Capital Corporation

Multi-Act has surprised me with the depth and breadth of its data and fact checking for the companies I have requested. Very hands on, very co-operative and very thorough. An all round good product!


Anuj Didwania

Fund Manager, Red Art Capital