Edelweiss Journal: Reflections on Trump’s America; The Challenge of Preserving Capital within the Financial System


This issue of the journal from Edelweiss Holdings has two brief essays on relevant issues that hold value for any investor today.

Reflections on Trump’s America unveils historic perspective on the patriotic and business-wise President-elect Donald Trump. Within the context of financial markets, his election has received jubilation worthy of the second coming of an industrial revolution. Yet, even as Mr. Trump’s businesslike ideas should be welcomed in a nation that has veered further and further into an economic unknown, this essay shows how there is little reason for the boundless euphoria of anticipated greatness.

The Challenge of Preserving Capital within the Financial System by James Watson is an essay that makes for compelling read. While touching on myths attached to liquidity and the troubling imposition of control on individual financial affairs, this essay makes a point that has been echoed by Multi-Act; when credit implodes – as it must – only HQ stocks will have any sort of bid, as market participants realize that the inherent strength of HQ stocks were obscured with the hype attached to liquidity and credit mis-pricing.

Read the original article here:

Edelweiss Journal: Reflections on Trump’s America; The Challenge of Preserving Capital within the Financial System




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